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Welcome to Furry Friends Mobile Vet!

A caring & affordable house call veterinary service for canines & felines within select areas of Monmouth and Ocean Counties!


At Furry Friends Mobile Vet, LLC we strive to provide a peaceful, compassionate & affordable veterinary experience in your home. 


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Furry Friends Mobile Vet, LLC takes the fear and apprehension out of veterinary care by treating patients in their own home. Your pet receives care in familiar surroundings and has the comfort of knowing you're right by his or her side. Dr. Weiss, Dr. Koehler, and our veterinary technicians are passionate about providing excellent care for animals and reducing the stress associated with veterinary visits. 

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Preventing and Treating Hot Spots on Your Dog or Cat

Acute moist dermatitis, more commonly known as hot spots, occurs due to a bacterial infection on your pet’s skin. Your dog or cat will naturally bite, chew, lick or scratch his skin in response to an irritant. Unfortunately for your pet, this tends to increase rather than decrease his discomfort. Anal gland disease, allergies to fleas or food ingredients, mange, tick bites, and inadequate grooming are the primary causes of hot spots in companion animals. 
Hot, humid weather can cause excess skin moisture that in turn causes hot spots to develop. It’s especially important to check your pet’s skin for evidence of hot spots now that the weather is consistently warm.
How to Recognize Hot Spots
If your dog or cat has developed hot spots, she will exhibit at least a few of these symptoms
  • Lesion that appears red or raised
  • Unexplained swelling
  • Constant licking or chewing a certain spot of her skin
  • A red or brown color around the hot spot
  • Unpleasant smell coming from the affected area
  • Pus and oozing
  • Displaying obvious signs of discomfort or pain
Preventing and Treating Hot Spots
Keeping your pet’s skin healthy is the easiest way to prevent him from developing hot spots. We recommend using year-round flea and tick protection in addition to grooming his coat regularly. Matted fur traps moisture and can attract fleas, ticks, and other parasites. Occasionally, a pet may have a behavioral issue that causes the biting, scratching, and licking that leads to hot spots. If that’s the case with your pet, speak to Dr. Weiss or Dr. Koehler to help determine what could be causing the unwanted behavior. They are happy to recommend a specific product to prevent parasites as well.

Treatment at Furry Friends Mobile Vet typically consists of cutting the fur around the hot spot and cleaning it with a mild anesthetic. A prescription for cortisone cream to control itching may be appropriate as well. We encourage you to contact us right away if your pet displays any of the potential signs of hot spots described above. Our telephone number is 732-440-9311.

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~What Our Clients Say~

  • May 21, 2017

    First I want to say thank you to Dr. Koehler and her assistant for coming out and making this is probably one of the best vet visits I've ever attended LOL. I only wanted them to see my one dog Zoe for something not too serious but I figured let's try the in-home experience. They were so sweet and Zoe was well-behaved. I decided while they were here to have the other two dogs look. Nothing wrong ...with them so to speak but they had time and they took their time. I didn't feel rushed I was able to explain each one of the dogs personalities they were able to see them in their home and how they acted. My second dog Toby is kind of still a puppy but I feel he's very unfocused and they were able to see the same thing in my home. We were able to try something medication wise and see if this will help him out and make him a better dog. Then there was my last one boots well behaved and sweet again I was able to give them his background of being a dog that was found on the streets in North Carolina. By the time I was done with all three dogs the cost definitely was worth the visit dividing by three. I hope this just puts everybody's mind at ease about the cost if you can do it, it is so worth it the fact of not having to take them all 3 at one time or making Three Special visits. Again thank you from Toby boots and Zoey and Mommy.
  • June 6, 2017

    I just wanted to comment on the unbelievably excellent care we've been receiving from Furry Friends!
    Not only has Dr. Dave been an amazing Vet to our 2 English Setters (Aja & Luca) for the past 3 years, we recently met Dr. Katie Koehler, who performed a very intricate procedure on our sweet 14 year old girl! The surgery was a big success - she obviously made it thru - & my family & I are so very grateful! Donna, Jenna & the entire staff were over the top accommodating & caring, especially considering Aja's delicate situation ... thank you again for everything Furry Friends

  • April 13, 2017

    I just want to say Thank You to Dr. Weiss and Randi for the great care they gave Ryder yesterday at his first In- Home check up! They were "pawsome"!!

  • December 30, 2016

    Thank you for helping our beloved Sanders over the rainbow bridge last night. You made an extremely difficult time in our lives easier. We were happy that Sanders got to be at home where he was happiest, and surrounded by our family in his final moments.

  • February 18, 2017

    Dr. Dave is not only Carmine’s vet but he is also his friend. My husband and I have never met a veterinarian as kind, loving, compassionate and warmhearted like him and his staff. He truly cares about animals. Dr. Dave has a special place in our hearts and is always welcome in our home. Thank you for loving and caring for Carmine as much as we do.

  • February 18, 2017

    If anyone needs amazing care for their pets, these are the people to go to!!!

    You know that I would treat my dogs better then most humans (sorry Dan haha), so coming from me - should mean a lot lol

    Anytime Jingle or Prancer have gotten into mischief, Dr. Dave or Dr. Katie have always been there to help!


    I don't know how I would have taken 2 demon huskies to a "normal vet" smelling like that.... god only knows what my car would have looked/smelt like also!

    So happy they exist and even though I'm slightly bias, they have the best Techs EVER!!!!

  • Dr. Dave and Donna ~ Words cannot express how thankful we are for your kindness and compassion during a very very difficult time for us. Captain Jack will forever be in our hearts and we will always remember your thoughtfulness. The card you sent will be kept with his other sentimental belongings. heart emoticon This pic was Captain Jack in his younger years-- I only wish we knew you as a vet back then. You can be sure that if/when we ever get another pet, you will be our #1 vet. Your gentle presence made such a difficult time a little easier and we will forever be grateful. 6/10/05-12/11/15)

  • A couple weeks ago, I had to make the hardest phone call that any pet owner has to make.  My German Shepherd, Leah, was an old girl (14 yrs old) with a myriad of medical problems.  We were managing most of her issues, but she was in a lot of pain and it got to the point that she could not stand up without a whole lot of effort and sometimes not at all.  It absolutely killed me to see a once vibrant, active dog, unable to stand up to go to the bathroom.  So after a few hard conversations with the family & many tears we knew what had to be done.  Now, my Leah was a big girl....she was about 130 pounds of pure love.  Even with the ramp, she could no longer get into my SUV.  I remembered seeing something on Facebook about a Mobile Vet.  I was not going to trust my baby's life to just anyone, but after reading all of the testimonials of other clients, I knew Furry Friends was going to be our best option.  Dr. Dave & Donna came and they were amazing to us.  Even though we had just met, they were really very understanding and compassionate.  They let us take our time and they explained everything that was happening.  

    Thank you Dr. Dave & let my Leah move on with caring and dignity...without the stress that comes with a trip to the Vet's office, she really hated that.

    Furry Friends Veterinary Client
  • We had our first Vet visit with Dr David Weiss for our sick 19 1/2 y...ear old cat and he couldn't be more compassionate to our pet if it was his own pet. I recommend using Furry Friends Mobile Vet, LLC Dr. David Weiss, DVM if you don't want to stress your pet out anymore when they are not feeling well.


    Andy S. Jackson, NJ
  • To Dr. Dave Brenda,And Donna,~We Just wanted to thank you, for all ...that you did for our AngeL "Pretty GirL" The last years of her life were easier,Because of your GREAT Mobile service, and Your Helping her to the Rainbow Bridge,Was also done with such care,Kindness,and understanding, We can never thank you all enough,God Bless you all,and we wish you Happy Holidays,and a Happy New Year, Sincerely,Kevin,Diane Kennedy,and "Pretty GirL" <3

    Furry Friends Veterinary Client
  • Dear Dr. Dave and Brenda,
    A note of thanks for always taking care of our pets in sickness and in health. Most recently our
    kitty "Betty" was under your care. Hoping that she was on the mend only to discover that had
    cancer. What a blessing to have your in home service to make her last moments on Earth more
    comfortable. You both have great compassion, patience and care and it shows. Today was an especially
    difficult day and you truly made it bearable. Thank you most kindly,

    Marge and Monica from Manchester
  • We wanted to thank Dr. Dave and his staff for the kindness and compassion they showed our 12 years 9 months old beloved English Mastiff, Rocky. We are grateful that Rocky was able to pass away so peacefully in his own home. As hard as this whole process has been it has brought us comfort knowing that we chose such a caring veterinarian and only wish Rocky was able to know you all earlier in his life. 

    Furry Friends Veterinary Client
  • Absolutely fantastic!!! We are unable to get our dog in the car any longer so we called David Weiss, RPh DVM. He and his assistant Donna were fantastic. Very professional and very reasonable prices. They came into our home and took care of all of our dogs needs. They gave us some great advise on minor issues that we can do on our own to care for our dog. Saves us lots of money and Vet visits. They treated our dog's ear infection, gave him a full exam, rabies shot, steroid shot and a bunch of other stuff for a lot less than the vet office we used to go to.

    Furry Friends Veterinary Client
  • David and Donna, we would like to thank you so much for the compassion and kindness that you showed our family today. We called in desperate need of your help and you were at our home within hours. Isis was able to go peacefully in her own home with her family. You are both wonderful! Thank you again,

    The Annecharico Family.
  •  I had Dr Dave come see my boy Finnigan ...he was amazing...Finn went right up to both Dr. Dave and vet tech Donna . he got his shots and the once over and got a clean bill of health! Well worth the affordable fee. Thanks Dr. Dave for coming to my house being disabled and not driving i was so happy and lucky to find you !!!!

    Elaine Hopper-Bayville
  • Dr Dave and staff are the most amazing VET practice i've ever known!... keeping all of my cats healthy and happy and always available and brings me happiness knowing they are coming right to my home! WE LOVE YOU DR. DAVE AND STAFF! :)) and affordable may i add! keep up the great work!

    Gisele-Brick NJ
  • I had a sudden situation the other day. I put in an application to adopt a rescue dachshund, and the rescue called me to tell me my older cat needed to be vaccinated. I right away thought of Dr Dave. He came the next day and my cat was delighted not to have to be put in a cage and drive to the vets office. She would have been so scared! She was mad at Dr Dave and Donna for all of 5 minutes and then came back to say meow to them before they left. Inexpensive, quick, and never left my house! Kudos to Dr Dave! ....

    Christine S. Jackson NJ
  • When the time came for us to say goodbye to our beloved Samoyed, Spirit, we contacted Dr Dave because we wanted Spirit to be at home for his transition. Dr Dave and his assistant were compassionate, peaceful and wonderful. They helped make Spirits passing peaceful and gentle. We only regret that we did not know of Furry Friends sooner, as we would have asked them to serve as our dogs vet. Thanks Dr Dave for everything you do and provide....

    Joe majorie
  • Dr. Dave and his assistant have made two house calls so far, and I highly recommend him. He is knowledgable, professional, & super convenient! I'm so relieved that I no longer have to wrestle my cats into their carriers!

    Lynne Frassetti
  • Last week, it was time to let our sweet 13 year old Greyhound Lorelei go to sleep. Dr. Dave came to the house with his Assistant, Donna. We were so grateful for Dr. Dave's compassion, tenderness and support. He and Donna made a very difficult day a little easier, knowing that our Lorelei was in competent and caring hands. With our heartfelt thanks,

    Mary Celine Lott, Ainsley Lott, and Bob Lott
  • Dr. Dave and Donna were amazingly professional and wonderfully compassionate in their visit to our home today. Thank you for your loving care.

  • Today, Gracie-Lou and Kali-Bear met their new Doctor! Dr. Dave & Donna from Furry Friends Mobile Vet, LLC Dr. David Weiss, DVM are PAWSOME!!!!! If you're looking for a great vet, that will come to your home, look no further! Your furbabies will THANK you and when you see how much better the experience is for them you'll wonder how you ever lived without Dr. Dave's mobile vet service!!!! They get 8 paws up from us!....

  • Dr. Dave and Donna, I want to thank you both for your kindness and care. You made a very painful and heartbreaking decision so much easier. You took us step by step through one of the most difficult times we've had as a family. Zoe, my sweet angel, went to sleep gently and peacefully and I have you both to thank for that. Thank you so much for the card, I am once again touched by your thoughtfulness. <3

  • Dr. Dave and Donna are the BEST! We met for the first time the other day and subjected them to our four highly rambunctious dogs. They were beyond expectations! I have a new vet and couldn't be happier. Thanks for being there, Dr. Dave! And, Amelia sends a special kiss to Donna! smile emoticon You guys are the best!!